A beginner-friendly droning synthesizer for play in the browser! Made for Self-Care Jam.

Hot Tips

  • Tune the drone to a favorite song and play along.
  • Play before bed and tune in dream-inducing frequencies.
  • Run it through other music gear, sample it, plug it in to a Kaoss Pad, effects pedals...
  • Take care of yourself <3

[Triangle and Saw wave oscillators]
Adjust the values of each Planet Core to change the pitch of two primary tones.

[Highpass and Lowpass filters]
Play with the High and Low Weather Systems to submerge your sound or make it paper thin.

Crank up the the Clouds for each weather system to add whispering or howling overtones.

Adjust the rate of the slow-moving Tidal and Orbit modulations, but most importantly, turn up how much they affect the pitch of the Planet Cores.

Select your Terrain Type for the Clouds to move through.

StatusIn development
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone